Monday, August 20, 2012

Review: The Pregnancy Project - Gaby Rodriguez

Wanting a teen book to read ? One that will make you sit and think ?
Have you read the book "Black Like Me" ?
Review: The Pregnancy Project - Gaby Rodriguez - January 2012
Have you read the book "Black Like Me" , where a white male went undercover as a black man to see what reactions he would recieve, to see if he would be prejudiced against etc . He had his skin pigmented darker to make him look like a Black man . The results were phenomenal and the book caused a lot of uproar as readers could not believe the reactions that this man recieved.  
The Pregnancy Project was similar , Hispanic Gaby Rodriguez was a straight A student , one who did excellent in school . She was in the top 5 percentage of her graduation class. None of this mattered though , when she decided to undertake a project in order to learn the meaning of family, friends, and living beyond stereotypes. Gaby Rodriguez decided that she would fake a pregnancy and record the reactions of people. The results were astonishing as she would have whispers in the hallway, students looked at her as she was trash and teachers talked about her as if she was not in the room. These were the same people who knew her , the same teachers that had graded her work. Just because she was Hispanic and it looked like she was to be a teen mum , people looked at her as if she was trash.  Over the period of the next nine months, Gaby learnt who her real friends were , the truth of what friendship actually is and what it felt like to be observed as no longer a person but a statistic - another teenage mother.
The Pregnancy Project is a tale that has been written before numerous times in fiction e.g Labor Pains - the movie starring Lindsay Lohan and The Thin Pink Line by Lauren Baratz-Logsted. However, The Pregnancy Project is not a piece of fiction , but an account of what one brave girl suffered through for nine months to prove a point.
The Pregnancy Project was also made into a film for "The Lifetime Channel".

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