Sunday, April 27, 2014

Review: The Bare Bones - Layla Wolfe

The Bare Bones 

Review: The Bare Bones - Layla Wolfe - Book #1 The Bare Bones MC Series - March 2014

Madison growing up never had an easy life and learned that life wasn't all sunshine's and rainbows. As the oldest in her family, she was left to her own resources that was until Ford Illuminati came into her life along with his father Cropper - they were in the Bare Bones MC biker gang. Cropper was Madison's mother Ingrid's new fling. As the pair of them got older, Ford and Madison fell in love , that was until Ford's father destroyed Madison and took away the one thing she wanted to save for someone special. The next day, Madison left leaving those at home like Ford wondering where she went and why she would just leave. Now years later - Madison is busy working as a Doctor in the City and Ford is now VP of the Bare Bones MC gang. Ford's mother has just died and while sitting in the corridor of the hospital , he spots Madison. The two reunite and get it on and then again go their different ways. Ford believes it is because she thinks he isn't good enough for her , but can Madison tell him the truth without starting a family feud that could turn deadly especially since her younger brother Bobby is a new prospect in the Biker gang. When her brother Bobby gets into trouble with the gang and Madison comes to the rescue - what will she do to save her brother ? What lengths and actions will be taken , in order to save the rest of her siblings ?

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