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Review: Be Your Own Brand of Sexy: A New Sexual Revolution for Women - Dr. Susan L. Edelman

Be Your Own Brand of Sexy: A New Sexual Revolution for Women 

Review: Be Your Own Brand of Sexy - Susan L. Edelman MD - Februry 2015

As readers of my site will know that I am often not a non-fiction reader unless it jumps out at me and something though I am big on in the Non-Fiction field is self-discovery and self-help books. Be Your Own Brand of Sexy jumped out at me as it got me thinking about how most women when we are in a relationship, we can become comfortable and lose in ourselves our sexiness and we feel ourselves becoming on the verge of slobby. We don't mean to let ourselves go, it can just happen but with this book it shows us that no matter what our age is - we can still be sexy. We may not have the supermodel's body, the big boobs and the glorious long luscious locks of hair that we see Models and Athletes have but we are all sexy in our own individual way which is what Susan's book teaches us all and re-affirms . Throughout the book , in ways of  tools and strategies on how to date on your own terms, enjoy the process as we are all when being honest are nervous to start off with and dating can be a scary venture , and find happiness which is the final step of our lives and something every one no matter how young or old want to achieve. Susan shows us women that we can do all that without losing the most important thing in our life - ourselves and who we are . With a  road map for questions that women should ask themselves in order to discover what they really want from a relationship.This book teaches us women to follow our hearts, no matter what others say. Included are messages that promote self-worth, which will help women realize that they do have a choice about having sex, and that no matter where they are  their hearts will always tell them where they need to go.
 If you have found yourself lately in the dumps about relationships, stuck in a rut and need empowering and wanting to make yourself feel beautiful and sexy again, then check out Be Your Own Brand of Sexy Today.
This book is perfect for those women who are aged 35+ and especially those who have found themselves on the dating circuit once again after what could be for a number of reasons as I borrowed this book to one of my parent's friends who read it and she is 50+ and her response was that "This is way better and more suited than other dating books she has read as all the others seem more suited to teenagers and young people in their 20's" 


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