Monday, April 25, 2016

Review: New Blue - Jules Barnard

New Blue (Blue Series, #5)

Review: New Blue - Book #5 Blue Series - Jules Barnard - March 2016

One series that I have quite enjoyed is the "Blue Series" by Jules Barnard that is set in a small town near Lake Tahoe and in the middle of it is a casino called the Blue Casino. As those who have read earlier books in the series mainly Gen's story Blue Crush will recall that she was attacked by one of the employees Drake and in the other books will have heard about an elite group called The Blue Sapphires all bearing a ring. In New Blue, the scandal rooms have been shut down and Drake is headed to prison and things seem to be back on the up and up but one employee isn't so sure about that - Hayden Tate. She has been hired as the HR Manager and together with her friends - she is determined to uncover the truth about Blue Casino as she knows that just because Drake went to prison - doesn't mean that they have stopped their extracurricular activities.  Adam Cade has been working in Hospitality and now has been promoted to Hospitality Manager and it seems that the Elite have their eye on him as they welcome him into their club and allow him eyes to their secret project - the new rooms Bliss 2.0. It seems that for Hayden the only way she can get close to the truth is to get close to Adam and so the pair start to spend more time together and eventually become an item. What will happen though when Hayden discovers that Adam was the best friend of her ex-boyfriend and the one that told him to dump her when her life was falling apart ? Will Hayden let her past as Beth come back to haunt her and block everything she has worked for ? Or will Adam and Hayden work together in bringing down the illegal activities of Blue Casino once and for all ?
Find out in the last book in an awesome New Adult Series "Blue Series" by Jules Barnard and see if it's time to reveal a "New Blue" Casino.

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