Wednesday, June 1, 2016

VBT# Fear the Heart - Hettie Ivers

Fear the Heart (Werelock Evolution #2)

Review: Fear the Heart - Book #2 Werelock Evolution - Hettie Ivers - May 2016

Milena is now adjusting to the world of the Werelocks which are werewolves and warlocks hybrids. Due to an ancient curse caused by Joaquin Salvatella and delivered to her great-great grandfather Hector when he was nine years old. She has been wanted and hunted by those around her dying for the curse to be broken and a piece of the power. It seems that Milena is the one that has been prophesied as the ancient vessel which could bring power or chaos depending which hands she falls into , she is the pawn in the chess set. In a way Milena reminded me of Elena (not just because of the name) from the Bitten series as she was one-of-a-kind and it seems that a few of the Werelocks want to take Milena as their mate , but only one can - Alex. The thing is Milena doesn't trust Alex at all as he kidnapped her . When Milena's starting to trust Alex and his clan, what will happen when she is visited by her older brother Raul and he gives her a different side of stories ? Who can she trust - her brother or the ones she has come to care about ? Though Fear the Heart is Book #2 , I found that it could be read as a stand-alone and that this book watches her go through the changes and the balance of how to control the She-Wolf and her powers inside.  Now that Milena isn't fully human, can she control herself or will it overpower her and she will lose control ? Fear the Heart was quite a fast-paced read , though and in my opinion - I think Milena is mating with the wrong Werelock as I preferred Alex's older brother and Kai. I also found the relationship between Alessandra and Alex quite frustrating and annoying as for a sibling relationship - there is a line between protective and too close and for me and she was so annoying as she always stood up for Alex. It's like Really, we get the fact that you are more on Alex's side than anyone elses. If you love Paranormal and Werewolf/Warlock stories and loved the series Bitten by Kelley Armstrong then you will love Fear The Heart by Hettie Ivers.

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  1. Thank you so much, Paula! And I agree, I tend to prefer Alcaeus and Kai as well. Alex proved to be a fun a$$hole to write, however, so in that respect I thoroughly enjoyed him--even if I wouldn't want him for a mate. ;)

    Book 4 (written as a standalone--while still a continuation of overall story line) will feature Alcaeus' love interest and Book 5 will feature Kai's.

    I'm not familiar with the Bitten Series, but I will check it out. Thanks again for your very thoughtful review!


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