VBT# Invisible-I-Am (Gregg Davis) - Harriet Showman

invisible-i-am by Gregg Davis

Review: Invisible-I-Am by Gregg Davis - Harriet Showman - August 2015

At first I wasn't sure what this book was going to be like as the outside of it reminded me of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid style books and I thought it might have been a funny read , but as I opened it - I was faced with a more serious topic of a sixteen year old girl named Gregg Davis - her bullying experience as she was ganged up on and thrown to the wolves of high school. This book though it was an emotional read, I found that it was the perfect read for anyone who has ever been bullied in their lives as being someone who was bullied, there are times when you feel like giving up and letting the bully win and sometimes you think that suicide is the answer and the only way out. Other times, we will put on a strong facade but the truth is that inside we are crumbling and as each day passes we are losing a bit of ourselves and unfortunately bullies never let up until we are completely broken and there is nothing left of us. The other thing I loved about this book was the fact that her parents were strong and stood by Gregg and that they did everything in their power to beat the bullies as to say "no-one picks on their daughter and gets away with it" as Gregg will discover that her family on her mother's side is very wealthy and with that power can pull alot of strings. This book also touches base on what was known as "The Code" and goes into a little bit of Gregg's family history. I was hoping we would see a bit more of that, but maybe Harriet will write a sequel . The other thing I shall end this review on, was that years ago I read a book of poetry called Dear Jane, which was the poetry of a sixteen-eighteen year old who felt that suicide was possibly the only way out and Invisible-I-Am reminded me heavily of that book.


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