VBT# The Forgotten Heiress - Susie Warren

The Forgotten Heiress (The Bolles Dynasty, # 1)

Review : The Forgotten Heiress - Book #1 The Bollles Dynasty Series - Re-released June 2016.

Growing up after her mother died, Olivia Grey was placed in the care of a guardian named Agnes and had a sheltered but independent life . Born to a floozy opera singer and a Wealthy businessman , Olivia grew up to know only her mother and not her father as her father in a way disowned her and forgot about her. Years passed and now Olivia is in her 20's and opening her own fashion business up when she learns that her father has died and that she is now heir to a crumbling fortune as despite how much she claims she isn't one of them her real surname proves she is part of the "Bolles Family Dynasty".  With the help of her father's right-hand man and business partner Fionn Lynch, Olivia must fly back to New York and be thrust into the spotlight of high society in order to save not only her father's business from going under but also from making herself broke especially as she is trying to build up a fashion- start up for herself which is being funded through her father's money. The Forgotten Heiress is a quick read and if you love stories about reconnecting with your past and discovering under all the normalcy that you really are a princess or lady of wealth in disguise - then you will love The Forgotten Heiress by Susie Warren.
 The Forgotten Heiress almost has a The Parent Trap or It Takes Two "movie" feel to the story .


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