Monday, July 3, 2017

Review: Artificial Sweethearts - Julie Hammerlee

Tinka Foster headed off to boarding school and decided that she would re-invent herself and so she became Tinka Foster - Party girl. However, during the last day of the school year at a party, Tinka ended up hooking up with her best friend Jane's ex-boyfriend Colin. Regretting it, Tinka tries to get Colin to keep quiet especially since Jane is coming home to spend Summer break with Tinka and her family. When Tinka's parents pick her up at the airport, though they are not the same people she said goodbye to and then to her surprise her family has moved to a small town called the North Pole in Minnesota. Here Tinka meets Sam and as they are both trying to get away from matchmakers the two end up in a fake relationship. Since it's summer, this should be easy since they are both off back to school after the break. However as the book goes on and as us readers know, a fake relationship can never stay fake as sooner or later along the way they will start to feel "real" feelings.  What will happen though when Sam and the rest of Tinka's old and new friends find out about Colin and her's kiss? Will they be able to forgive her and move on or will they see this as Tinka's true colors?  Find out in Book #2 of the North Pole, Minnesota series by Julie Hammerle. The other good thing about this series is that they can be read as stand-alone stories.


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