Sunday, July 9, 2017

Review: Mad Sea - K.Webster

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 Mad Sea

Review: Mad Sea - K. Webster - September 2016

Madden Finn is your typical Bad Boy, the type that parents tell you to stay away from as he is President of his MC chapter. The thing though is that Madden aka Mad Dog has a few secrets of his own that no-one knows especially not the members of his club as if they ever found out, he would be considered a laughing stock.  Every Sunday for the past three months, Madden has been visiting a Froyo place as he is in love with an employee there named Hali. The other secret which is his biggest one is that he isn't entirely human. What happens when he decides to fall in love with Hali and give his all to her? Will she be revolted or will he discover that they are meant to be? Without giving the twist and ending of this story away, I have to say I loved the ending and twist and I was like "fist pump" into the air at the end and then the epilogue with one year later was an "awh" moment and so totally cutesy.  If you are looking for a quick read that has romance, mermaids, motorcycle gangs, Bad Boys and Fro-yo then check out K. Webster's Mad Sea today as you will not be disappointed.

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