VBT# Jinxed - Thommy Hutson


Review: Jinxed - Thommy Hutson - March 2018
When I first saw this book, I thought it might have had a Phantom of Opera type feel, but I was attracted to it as I have been in a mystery type of mood and what better than High School Killer books. I think though that maybe I pass the YA stage now as I wasn't 100% impressed with Jinxed and it fell flat for me. Jinxed takes us into the world of the prestigious Trask Performing Arts school, very private and only the best get in. Layna's friends are slowly being killed off using the M.O of Superstitions like step on a crack and break your back. Nobody believes Layna that this is murder, they see it as random acts but what happens when Layna starts to investigate, and it seems connected to an accident which happened almost twenty years ago when Amanda died? I thought this felt a bit Scream Queens like especially when Amanda last words were "her baby."  Jinxed is the perfect horror read for teens aged 14-16 and has the feel of movies like Urban Legend and Final Destination.


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