Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Review: Dad's Russian Mafia Friend - Flora Ferrari

Dad's Russian Mafia Friend (A Man Who Knows What He Wants Book 97)

Review: Dad's Russian Mafia Friend - Book #97 A Man Knows What He Wants Series - Flora Ferrari - February 2019
As readers of The Phantom Paragrapher will know is that Flora Ferrari is one of my guilty pleasure reads as they are basically what my partner calls 'horny woman books' - that always cracks me up. In Dad's Russian Mafia Friend, Dakota's father Daniel has hired his gym buddy Dmitry to help him get rid of Dakota's ex-boyfriend Anthony Falcone as he has been stalking Dakota and won't leave her alone. Dmitry takes on the job despite that it's not going to be easy as he has had his eyes on Dakota for months as Daniel keeps a picture of her in his locker. Of course, you can see what's going to happen between Dakota and Dmitry despite Dmitry pushing Dakota away and trying to turn her off him as he doesn't want to get a hair on her head harmed. This job turns out bigger than Dmitry realized as well and he might have just started a mob war, all in the name of love as Anthony is the grandson of the leader - the Don of the Falcone Mobster family. Can Dmitry get not only the girl but help make sure that Anthony will stay away from his girl forever? Find out in this quick sexy hot read - Dad's Russian Mafia Friend - Book #97 in Flora Ferrari's Older Man/Younger Woman series.

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