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Review: The Husband We Share - London St. Charles

The Husband We Share

Review: The Husband We Share - London St. Charles - September 2017
After reading King of Chatham by London St. Charles, at the back of the book were some blurbs for her other books and The Husband We Share captured my interest straight away and so I went on KU and grabbed it and read it almost immediately. In a way, this book reminded me of an African American version of Taryn Fisher's The Wives. In this book, we have married couple Xavier and Patricia Carter. We met those two characters in King of Chatham as Patricia was the pharmacist and Xavier - the policeman. In the town of Chicago, there is a police officer who is living a double life and it's about to close on him and fast. His secret - he has two wives who don't know about each other. His first wife Patricia - he has been married to her for 18 years and has a son named Junior and his second wife - he has been married to her for 10 years. Due to his second wife Lauren's nightmares and sleeping pills, he can sleep in his first wife's bed each night. For the past ten years, their lives have not clashed until now as Xavier is slipping and when people from both lives start interacting he will find it hard to keep the secrets and lies separated. The Husband We Share was a good read and kept the readers on their toes and despite the bigamy that Xavier committed, you could see that he really did love both wives and the family around him and that despite how much I wanted to hate him, I also liked his character.  The Husband we Share by London St. Charles was one of those diamond in the rough reads that you stumble upon in the sea of books as if it hadn't been for the blurb at the back of King of Chatham, I would never have discovered such a good read.

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