Saturday, January 11, 2020

Review: #Murderfunding - Gretchen McNeil

#Murderfunding (MurderTrending, #2)

Review: #Murderfunding - Book #2 MurderTrending Series - Gretchen McNeil - August 2019
For those who have read Book #1 MurderTrending, you will remember that it finished with our three survivors making it out of Alcatraz 2.0 and escaping the murderous characters as it will be revealed that Alcatraz 2.0 was, in fact, a live-feed killing game orchestrated by the Postman and his daughter. Now with the Postman dead and the main killers, the three remaining survivors are trying to move on with their lives but it's not easy especially since the company Merchant and Bronson are insisting on re-creating the show but calling it Who Wants to be a Paniac? The show boasts that the murders aren't real and for the auditions to come dressed as your favorite murder alter-ego. This story though is based around two girls, in particular, Becca and Stef. They are connected to each other through the character known as Molly Mauler as Stef's father was killed by her on the show and it turns out that Molly was, in fact, Becca's mother. Becca though needs more proof as to how could her quiet demure mother be a televised serial killer. The book follows them through the auditions of Who Wants to be a Paniac and their search for the truth and to put an end to the murder trends once and for all. Find out all this and more in this YA murder thriller by Gretchen McNeil today.

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