VBT# : Panic - J.A Huss

Review: Panic - Book #3 Rook and Ronin Series - J.A Huss - October 2013

First there was Tragic and then Manic and now get ready for Book #3 Panic. Panic flips back six months before Rook and Ronin met, back to the day that Rook decided to finally once and for all escape from the clutches of Jon and then in Chapter #2 it flips to six months later and to the present time. Rook and Ronin have a good strong relationship going and Rook has found herself finally some people and friends who care about her and who aren't going to abuse her. That is until Clare comes back - she has now finished her stints in rehab and is finally back on track and of course she has only eyes for Ronin. This makes Rook worry and she starts to spend more time with Ford whom she only sees as a friend, but a close one she cares strongly about. The novel follows Rook and Ronin's POV's and the last chapter we see a POV from Ford . Also revealed in Panic, is the pasts of Ronin, Ford and Spencer and whether Rook will discover being with them a good idea or a bad idea ? Is Panic the end of Rook and Ronin or the start of a new chapter in both their lives ?
Find out in Book #3 of the Rook and Ronin Series "PANIC".





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