VBT# The Artful - Wilbert Stanton

As a big fan of rendition novels, as soon as I saw this I knew I had to read it as it is a dystopian version of Oliver Twist and his friend the Artful Dodger.  In The Artful , it is the year 2025 and the whole world has been destroyed over 15 years ago by a virus which wiped out most of the population outside of the New York Borough.  Twist and his friend Dodger were originally part of a crew of thieves taught by Preach and Red , the two of them soon went on their own and are now known as the Gutter Punks. This novel starts when their acquaintance Smith takes something that doesn't belong to them and they want it back , so the suits come after Twist and Dodger along with their newfound friend Gia whom they picked up along the way. Though it seems Gia hasn't been exactly up front with who she really is and when Twist feels that he is sick of being Dodger's shadow he ventures out on his own but what happens when he soon realises that Dodge does come in handy when it comes to finding their way out of trouble and that the two of them go hand in hand with Twist being the Brains and Dodge being the Brawn. If you love Dystopian Novels , New York and the Ol' tale of Oliver Twist - then check out The Artful by Wilbert Stanton. The other thing was though this was a long book, do not be put off by the chapter length as it was well-written and the story went quickly as it was quite action-packed with all the mischief that Twist and Dodger got up to or the situations that they found themselves in.


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