Thursday, April 14, 2016

Review: (Not So) Good in A Room - Dakota Madison

(Not So) Good in a Room

Review: ( Not So) Good in a Room - Book #1 California Dreamers Series - Dakota Madison - April 2016

One of my all-time favourite authors is the author whose one of her pen names is Dakota Madison. I love her writing and her characters are so easy to fall in love with. I especially loved the characters in her latest release (Not So) Good in a Room. In this book which is a variant rendition of the classic Cyrano De Bergerac , we meet Nellie Berg who in herself is an oddity but an amazingly awesome scriptwriter. She has written over thirty action type scripts which each story is great , she definitely has talent . The only thing lacking is the self-confidence and ability to get noticed. While at a Pitchfest - which is where Scriptwriters pitch their ideas to director and talent scouts. Nellie meets Roscoe - he is the opposite of Nellie in all aspects and a fly by the seat of his pants type of guy. He invites Nellie to his scriptwriting group and soon the pair become fast friends and you can tell that there is a lingering chemistry - though as we read on we can see that Nellie isn't the type of girl that Roscoe normally dates. During this time , Nellie is introduced to Chris whom is Roscoe's roommate and cousin and also a budding actor. The thing about Chris is that he is hot as hell but dumb as a bag of rocks which makes what comes out of his mouth LOL moments in the book. The three of them come up with a plan, using Chris to sell her scripts as his own since Chris has not only the looks but the skill to get them eating out of his hand. What happens though when Chris becomes successful with her scripts and Nellie wants to come clean ? Also a love triangle forms for Nellie when both Chris and Roscoe want her ? 
This was an awesome read and one that will make readers have a giggle throughout the pages and also by the time you have finished this book - you will also have a knowledge and discovery of some new sex moves and sexual terminology you might not have known existed - I sure did.


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