Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Review: Solace - Therin Knite


Review: Solace - Therin Knite - January 2015

Set in the time of World War Three with China at war with Russia and soldiers/ Red Cross volunteers have been sent from America, our main character Corina - a sixteen year old girl has been without her dad Luther aka Lu Marion all her life and now he has passed away and left her mother a complete wreck.  Corina, is sick of hearing about her father from others and how amazing he was and what a hero he was as if he really cared about her and her mother then he would have been a family with them instead of trying to save others in the War and ending up dying in a Chinese POW camp. Corina meets an old man who can grant her a wish - he can help her travel back and understand and meet the person her father was and what he really was like and why he chose the war and helping others over his family. During the course of the novel , Corina will visit her father three times and in each one play a part in his life and go through a tragic situation with him. Over the course of the novel, we get to see the relationship between the two and reading it, it made me feel sad as I knew that this was the extent of a relationship Corina could have with her father as of course - he never got to actually meet her when he was alive. In a way this book reminded me of the Canadian TV Show "Finding Erica' where the character got to revisit regrets and make them right - but in a way where they still had the same outcome in the future tense. At first Solace was a slow read but once the time travelling part starts the book sucks you in and the pace starts to pick up steadily. I really enjoyed the interaction between father/daughter in Solace and I look forward to discovering more of this author's work in the future.

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