Friday, April 15, 2016

VBT# Tutus and Cowboys - Casey Peeler (Parts 1 and 2)


Tutu's & Cowboy Boots: Part One (Tutu's & Cowboy Boots #1)

Review: Tutus and Cowboy Boots - Part #1 - Casey Peeler - December 2015

Dancing is a major part of Cadence Lewis's life , all she can remember is being up on stage dancing her little heart out and her dreams have not been to attend college but to join a dancing company and go on tour with them. Growing up in New York, that was a reality as she attended a strong dance studio with connections . However, her life is about to turn completely upside down as her father is moving out and has a new girlfriend whom Cadence nicknames Barbie and Bimbo. Cadence's mother was from a small country town ironically called Delight in North Carolina. Now Cadence must not only adjust to life in a small town but also life on a farm and with a farm comes hard work as her mother and grandmother put her to work with their part-time farmhand Barrick. This starts out fun as the two of them play pranks on each other, and we see a possible romance blossoming . However, is Cadence ready to give up the attitude and make a go of the smalltown or is she still too big for her britches when it comes to life in Delight. As Cadence is faced with having to make new friends,  new decisions and realise that even in a smalltown - there are opportunites for her to grow.  Part #1 of Tutus and Cowboy Boots by Casey Peeler was the basis of the story and getting to know Cadence and Barrick and the characters involved with the story. Part #1 finishes on a cliffhanger - involving her trip home to New York to see her father.

 Tutus & Cowboy Boots: Part Two (Tutu's & Cowboy Boots #2)

Review: Tutus and Cowboy Boots - Part #2 - Casey Peeler - April 2016

After an eventful trip home that broke her heart , Cadence is back in Delight and realising that even being here a few months it has really changed her in all aspects especially as during her trip home she felt distance from her used-to-be best friend , her dad is off to Sweden to start a new life and family and it seems that while she is in New York she can't help but think of Barrick who they are finally getting it on as a boyfriend/girlfriend scenario and Jade - Barrick's twin sister and her best friend. During this time Barrick and Cadence start to get closer and closer, but as graduation nears - questions about the future will arise as Cadence has always wanted to dance but now when the opportunity arises will she take the chance in Boston or will she turn it down to apply for colleges where she can be with the ones she cares about and loves ? Our hearts stop a beat when Barrick finds Cadence's grandma on the barn floor ? Will we as we turn the pages be saying goodbye to Granny ? Will Cadence find it in heart the power to forgive her Dad and let him back in ?  
Part #2 was a great conclusion to Tutus and Cowboy Boots and if you are like me and love Teen Romances, Dancing and of course Country Music - then you will love Casey Peeler's 2 Part Series .

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