VBT# The Wedding Date - Kelly Eadon

The Wedding Date

Review: The Wedding Date - Kelly Eadon - April 2016

Kate had her whole life planned out and even though she never was in a long-term relationship especially since all the guys she seemed to date were jerks. That was until her life was thrown into a tailspin after completing Law school as her internship which had hopefully pathed the way for a good job ended up not existing as the company's funding and intern position were cut. Now she has moved back to her hometown and working as a clerk for a judge with the lookout of maybe one day a dream job. Her days are split between the office and the gym - her one outlet. There happens to be a new cute guy at the gym which is a bonus. As luck would turn out it is James Abell , a guy who Kate actually went with as a date to his junior prom when his original date cancelled. James likes Kate but is unsure how to proceed , but he is in luck as his sister is getting married and he needs a date to the wedding. Soon James and Kate end up in a fake relationship scenario, but the more time he spends with her - the closer they get and the lines of reality and fantasy become blurred especially more so that James's family love Kate and seeing as her parents died when she was younger - she misses that parental feeling. What will happen though when at the wedding , Kate and James discovers the truth about his ex ? Will this put a dent in their "fake" relationship especially now that there really are true feelings in place ? 
Often a lot of contemporary romance books are so-so and they all can blend into one , but The Wedding Date was fast-paced and I really loved the character of Kate which made The Wedding Date one of those 5 starred sweet romance reads as in terms of a romance , that's what this book is and the author hasn't had to use sex to spice it up. Simply The Wedding Date is one of those lovely sweet reads that you can relax and feel wrapped up in a warm blanket and a cup of tea with all the feels.


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