Monday, July 4, 2016

VBT# Song of the Blackbird - DB Michaels

Song of the Blackbird

Review: Song of the Blackbird - DB Michaels - June 2016

After watching tv shows like Wentworth and visiting Alcatraz , I have a liking for Prison stories which is why when I saw Song of the Blackbird available I wanted to read it. Song of the Blackbird was an amazing and touching story and in quite a few parts , I definitely had my heartstrings tugged as the story does contain a few emotional scenes. Emma Edwards has trained as a Doctor and just applied to become the new Doctor at the local prison , not only by working her she will have no debts with her loans but she has a more personal reason - her younger half-brother Sam is currently serving time in the particular prison for shooting her step-dad and his father Larry. Emma knows it was in self-defense and doesn't view her brother as a criminal as he stopped writing and wouldn't take her visits, she needs to be close to him and make sure he is alright. Starting at the prison, Emma gets off on the wrong foor with Maxim Chambers - the prison warden . Everyone else seems to bow down to him, but he brings out the worst in Emma. As the book goes along, we see that there is some chemistry brewing between the pair and Emma is finally starting to build as good as relationship as she can with her brother as she discovers he is her assigned porter.  What will happen though when Emma's brother is hurt and Maxim believes that Emma is sleeping with a prisoner after he declared his feelings for her ? The later part of this book was very intense and you may if you tend to cry in books - find yourself in parts tearing up as I did as it is quite full-on.  Song of the Blackbird is quite a powerful read and if you are wanting something a bit heavier than your usual romance novels or chicklits. Then try Song of the Blackbird by DB Michaels as you will not be disappointed.


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  1. Thanks so much, Paula for featuring my book Song of the Blackbird and for your great review of it!


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