VBT# Unforgiving - Adnan Alisic

When I saw this book available for tour, I had wanted to read it as a teen killer sounded interesting and I am a fan of my murder mysteries/ assassins type stories. The book started out with Meho following a bad guy, and he came across like a suicide bomber to me at first with his ranting and raving and what sounded like a manifesto. You know those anarchy guys with manifestos; that is what Meho struck me to be like. He takes this bad guy to a warehouse, and then we discover that the bad guy is being followed by FBI and law enforcements. At this point, the readers get a sense and wonder whether Meho is a Vigilante or a bad guy worse than the already bad guys in the book. It then flips back to his schooling life and his foster family especially his brother Bucky. Meho goes wild with the gangster, and it is like watching your classic movie Action scene - you know the ones that happen behind the scenes in the Warehouses. Readers then learn that before Meho was adopted, he was a survivor of his village massacre and that he has a dark side, a dark side which has turned him into a killer. Unforgiving gives readers not only the dark side of Meho - the one who is cold and calculated and kills but also the family side where Meho and Bucky were taught the skills of hacking and biochemistry by their grandfather.  This book to me was a confusing read, and I found it slow and hard to get into and follow. The killing scenes were amazing, and it shows readers the dark, cold truth about what PTSD and revenge can do to someone even if they were at a young age when the incident occurred. I was a bit more intrigued at the beginning though as it referred to an incident that happened with Hilary Clinton in 1996 and considering this was the year she was going for president - it did make me wonder and what her thoughts on the book are - especially more so now that she didn't get in as President ?. If you want a dark teen angsty read with crime elements, then check out Unforgiving by Adnan Alisic. 



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