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Review: The People Vs. Alex Cross - James Patterson

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The People vs. Alex Cross (Alex Cross #25)

Review: The People Vs. Alex Cross - James Patterson - November 2017

When it comes to James Patterson's writings, I will always give them a go. His other series though, I am finding myself getting a little bored with them. One series though that I will always feel excited about is the  Alex Cross Novels, and we are up to Book #25.  This book takes readers back to the beginning of James Patterson's novels with the case of the cult followers of Gary Soneji and his son Dylan Winslow.  Alex Cross is up on multiple counts of murder against members who thought they would dress up as Gary Soneji and get revenge on Alex Cross. For those who remember that name Gary Soneji was the serial killer we were first introduced to back in 1993 in the very first Alex Cross Novel - Along Came a Spider. Having this book connected to the first makes me wonder if we have finally seen the end of Alex Cross and his family and course partner John Sampson. While Alex Cross is up on trial, his wife Bree and Sampson are trying to solve a case of who is kidnapping blondes and making them star in their snuff films on the internet. Alex Cross through whom we know can't seem to stay out of mischief will be drawn into the case, and it is looking like he might spend life in prison too. That is until Alex Cross's youngest son Ali Cross steals the show. I just loved how his character is almost becoming a mini version of his Dad. Who knows James Patterson might do what Harlan Coben and Kathy Reichs did and have in the future a YA spin-off series featuring Ali Cross.  This particular James Patterson book is a great read for true fans of his Alex Cross novels and for people who have been following his Alex Cross novels since the very beginning.

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