VBT# Baby Girl - CM Stunich

Baby Girl

Review: Baby Girl - CM Stunich - January 2018
When it comes to CM Stunich's books, I always feel in two boats. I either love hers or I struggle with them. Baby Girl was one that I struggled my way through. I think it was first the fact that she was called "Baby Girl" as I hate that nickname, it is one of my pet hates. It's like is she going to call the guy she is with Daddy ??. The book though does give you a massive OMG moment and instant emotional wave as the main female character is waiting on prom night with her best friend Phoenix and her boyfriend is on his way to pick her up when a tragedy occurs. This tragedy makes Baby Girl aka Embry collapse with grief and her ups and leaves for a year. She returns home, and we read as she and Phoenix have an awkward reunion, but you have the hope that they will work out things and end together despite the sad history between the two of them. After reading the first chapter, you could see that Phoenix and Embry were meant to be together and that possibly Codrick is the third wheel in the romance.  If you are in the mood for a rollercoaster ride of emotions and wanting an ugly cry, then CM Stunich's new January 2018 release " Baby Girl" is the book for you.


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