Sunday, February 18, 2018

Review: Saved by the Woodsman - Eddie Cleveland

Saved by the Woodsman

Review: Saved by the Woodsman - Eddie Cleveland - February 2017

Ashley is part of this generation and fancies herself a bit like the Kardashians. Ashley lives for the perfect photos and has a huge following on Instagram; she is an Instagram model/influencer. She is also engaged to Ben - a Poker champion. On the night they are celebrating their engagement with friends, Ashley discovers her foster sister Kate and Ben bumping uglies and is about to learn this has been going on for months. Ashley runs away and ends up suffering hypothermia and is rescued by Sawyer who has destined himself to live a life of hermit and reclusiveness. He couldn't leave Ashley to die and takes her to a cabin in the woods. They end up snowed in as a massive blizzard has hit. During this time we get to see a nicer side and less celebrity orientated and spoilt side of Ashley, and we learn about Sawyer and what drove him to his lifestyle and why he hates everything social media and the internet. As the pair spend more time together, we read as they hook up and have chemistry fueled romantic fling. What will happen though when Ashley is rescued, and it is time to go back to her "real world." Will she go back to Ben or will she discover that it is Sawyer that she loves and will she be able to give up the world of social media for true love? Find out in Saved by the Woodsman by Eddie Cleveland. I have to say I enjoyed this book as I was a little worried as it is a male author, and sometimes when you read males writing romance - their guy humour comes through the pages a tad to strongly . However Eddie's writing did not show a gender bias.

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