Sunday, February 25, 2018

VBT# This Heart of Mine - C.C Hunter

This Heart of Mine

Review: This Heart of Mine - C.C Hunter - February 2018

This book starts with Eric being dumped by his on/off girlfriend Cassie and then wandering into his Dad's office and finding the gun. It then jumps back to a month prior and we meet Leah who is on the heart transplant list and living with an artificial heart carried in a backpack. Leah normally is tutored by Ms. Strong, but one day she calls in sick and Matt comes in and tutors her in Algebra instead. Years ago, back when Leah was healthy, she had the biggest crush on Matt, and we learn that he has always thought she was pretty hot too. Fast forward after the accident and Leah learn she is getting a new heart, but it isn't until she is lying in the hospital recovering after the surgery that she discovers the truth of where the heart came from. The heart turns out to be none other than Matt's twin brother Eric. Leah soon starts to have dreams and nightmares of what looks like Eric's last days and his life, can Leah help Matt who is trying to piece together what happened to his brother as he doesn't believe it was a suicide in his last hours? Will the truth pull Matt and Leah together or will it push them apart? Will Matt look at Leah like he would his brother or will he look at her as the girl who he loved? Find out in C.C Hunter's new book which is a different direction from her more popular series "Shadow Falls."

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