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Review: All the Dead Girls - Rita Herron

All the Dead Girls (Graveyard Falls, #3)

Review: All the Dead Girls - Book #3 Graveyard Falls Series - Rita Herron - November 2016

After reading all the bullymances lately, I find myself getting stuck in a rut so I like to read my mystery novels to pump up my excitement levels back up that way I can be excited about reading. All the Dead Girls start years back when two foster girls decided in order to protect themselves that they would run away from home. As they were traveling along the road, they were picked up by a truck. The girls trusted the people in the truck, however life wasn't going to be favorable to them. That night only one of them left alive and the other killed. Now eighteen years later, a storm has hit Graveyard Falls and uncovered a mass gravesite with bones. One set of those bones matched Sunny - the foster girl who never came home.  Enter in Agent Beth Fields with the FBI, she has been called in to help with the case as she was the one who escaped. As the victims are identified and the list gets longer, it is now up tp Agent Fields and the team in Graveyard Falls to discover who the killer is as new bodies start appearing. For the local sheriff this case is also very personal as his father when Sunny and JJ disappeared was arrested yet he has proclaimed his innocence over the years. He also feels guilty as he was the one who was supposed to that night pick JJ and Sunny and ended up without his car that night, so missed the girls. If you love mystery novels and love ones with multiple serial killers, murder and secrets, the check out Book#3 in the Graveyard Series - All the Dead Girls by Rita Herron.

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