Sunday, December 1, 2019

Review: Traceless - Meli Raine

Traceless (Stateless, #2)

Review: Traceless - Book #2 Stateless Series - Meli Raine - November 2019

I have to admit I am a little disappointed in this series as I am finding myself not connecting to it which saddens me as I have loved the previous three series before this book starting with A Harmless Little Series. It could be because the characters were trained to be emotionless soldiers and be assassins but this book's characters feel stilted and hard to connect with as they feel like Zombies every time they try to have a conversation and all their encounters are plain awkward. At least Romeo had a little bit more feeling and human energy to him as he was one of the Stateless soldiers. In Traceless, Callum soon discovers that the guy he has been hunting down and was set to kill is, in fact, the older brother he has just discovered and was trying to find , but can he disconnect from the job he has trained his whole life for and gain the ability to finally have a family. Kina has spent her whole life thinking she was useless and all she was good for was looking after the babies, but she soon learns that her own twin sister Glenn was the one who has made it impossible for her to get out into the field. Can Kina believe that Glenn has the capability to be an evil villain or will Kina still try and hold out some inkling of hope that her twin sister would never sabotage her like this? Near the end of the book, we watch as the compound is attacked and burned but as this is happening - it seems it could be an inside job. Who would destroy the program and why and in Kina's words - will someone think of the children as what is going to happen to all those babies and toddlers? I am now in two minds about reading Book #3 but I probably will as in to see if this series overall will finally get a conclusion of what has been trying to be covered up all these years or if we will find ourselves with yet another spin-off trilogy.  This series should only be read if you have read her series Harmless, Shameless and Fake. The Stateless series is the perfect reads for anyone who loves assassins, thrillers, and politics. 

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