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Review: Tarnished Crown - Erin Watt

Tarnished Crown (The Royals, #3.5)

Review: Tarnished Crown - Book #3.5 The Royals Series - Erin Watt - December 2018

I have been in a bit of a reading slump and scrolling through my kindle, I came across Tarnished Crown by Erin Watt which is Book #3.5 in the Royals series. I enjoyed the first three books of Reed and Ella's story and getting to know the Royal Family, so figured this could get me out of my slump. It did a bit, however unfortunately this book wasn't as good as the other three previous stories. Unlike the other three books which contained a wide character cast, this was mainly just Savannah and Gideon whom I have to admit - I had come to like Gideon's character in the first three books but this one turned me off him and Savannah - JC what a suck-up and a doormat. As we know Gideon had a thing with Dinah - a bit of a Mrs. Robinson relationship, at the same time he was supposed to be dating Savannah Montgomery, and then when Savannah discovered the truth thanks to Dinah, the pair went their separate ways as Gideon broke her. Now three years later, Savannah is at a college tour and turns out Gideon is at the college and now is more determined than ever to win Savannah back as remember whatever the Royals want, they get no matter what. The Tarnished Crown is Savannah and Gideon's sides of what happened three years ago and the now. I felt Gideon didn't take full responsibility and it was like he could buy Savannah's love with big gestures and then Savannah despite how many times he hurt her, she kept running back to him - he was her kryptonite. We did get small snippets of the other characters but I just felt that Tarnished Crown didn't quite hit the mark that the first three books in the Paper Royals series did. If you were wanting a reunion with Gideon, then you may enjoy Tarnished Crown, if not then so you don't get disappointed - I would finish at the first three books.

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