Sunday, September 13, 2020

VBT# Tethered - Eleanor Bertin

Review: Tethered - The Mosiac Collection #12 - Eleanor Bertin - July 2020

Lately, I have been in a bit of a reading slump, and most of the books I have read lately. I have either found them bearable or just average and some have been DNFs. This particular book, I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into with the story and I have to admit this book surprised me as I found myself getting really into it and enjoyed reading Tethered. The main character Jacqui Penn gave me a bit of a chuckle, her name as my partner's aunty is called Jacqui, and then his Mum's ( Jacqui's sister) her surname is Penn. So as you can imagine as I read this book, I kept thinking about my partner's aunty. This Jacqui's husband Geoff has left her and decided he is now gay with one of Jacqui's co-worker's Dale. After being with Geoff for so many years, she is now wondering whether her whole life was a lie and even worst was that she was the one who introduced Dale to her husband as she thought they would make good friends - little did she know they would start an affair behind her back. The other thing I loved about this character was that she is a Librarian and being a Librarian myself, I felt a kinship with her character. Jacqui has decided to get a new start and headed out to the countryside where her dad grew up as she has inherited his old family home. It's a good thing that Jacqui doesn't mind a bit of DIY and renovations as this house needs a lot of TLC after being abandoned for the past couple of years. As Jacqui finds her footing in the town, she will also reconnect with her dad's remaining family and maybe a miracle could bring her Dad back to the childhood home he hasn't stepped foot in for 60+ years and give her something she has been yearning for years - a family and a support system. If you are looking for an inspirational women's fiction story then check out Tethered by Eleanor Bertin which though Book #12 of the Mosiac Collection can be read as a stand-alone.

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