Monday, January 3, 2011

Destiny - Alex Archer

Today's Book is in a way not really a historical novel but it is as it goes on archaelogical expeditions and uncovering things of the past which of course  includes throughout the book chapters about the incidents in the past e.g 500 years ago in the 1700's. Today's Book is also officialy Book #5 in the OutDo Yourself Challenge and is Book #1 in a very long series by author Alex Archer and are books that if you are a fan of Indiana Jones or Sydney Fox you will enjoy "especially if you prefer Sydney Fox over Indiana Jones".

Destiny (Rogue Angel, Book 1)

Review : Destiny - Book #1 : Rogue Angel Series - Alex Archer - July 2006

Meet Annja Creed, she is an archaeologist and a tv presenter on the show "Chasing History's Monsters". She has come to France to find out about "La Bete" - a creature that murdered hundreds over 4 years. However , fate or in this case destiny has another plan for Annja - to find the last piece of the sword of Joan of Arc, one that was smashed to pieces in the late 1700's by the English when she burnt on the stake. However, Annja isn't the only one chasing both birds , so of course she decides to kill two birds with one stone as she soon discovers that they are connected in some way. Of course, this wouldn't be a Rogue Hunter book without a chase as several different parties are after Annja and won't rest until they have her , what she has and what she knows. When Annja meets and old man named Roux, she will begin on a journey to discover the power of Joan of Arc's sword and discover the curse of immortality and what it can cause a person to become. Can Annja , finish the filming of her show , find the missing information that she has been scouring France for , get rid of the bad guys and save the good guys all this and keep her and the artifacts safe at the same time. Rogue Hunter reminds me of Noah Wyle in The Librarian with kick-butt scenes, artifacts, danger and the return of history to it's rightful place. Alex Archer has done an awesome job as the book was entertaining throughout and so quick and easy to read , the 200+ pages whizzed by so quickly.
I am looking forward to reading more of Annja's adventures in th Rogue Hunter Series.

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