Thursday, December 27, 2012

Review: Offside - MG Higgins

Are you into sports especially Soccer or depending where you live Football ?
Looking for a Teen Girl novel ?
Review: Offside - MG Higgins - January 2013
Do you remember that movie "Bend it Like Beckham" ? The film where the indian girl got to play soccer as she was amazing at it ? Even though the girl on the cover of Offside is white, I imagine as I read the story of her being Indian as her name is Faith Patel . Faith loves to play Soccer , it is her escape from her life as a babysitter and home-life, it is something she is good at . Though what happens when the coach starts offering Faith advice and she starts to take it the wrong way . Soon Faith has developed crushing feelings on her coach but it seems she's not the only one on the team to feel this way towards the coach. Can Faith get her head back into the game and focus on becoming the best soccer player she can be in order to help her recieve a college scholarship or will Faith soon discover that when someone is in love or in this case infatuation/lust that if you take your eye off the ball , everything else may crumble with it. A nice , quick and easy read that can show teen girls just how easy it can be to fall in love with a teacher or in the case of Offside - how fast it can be and dangerous to develop a crush on a married teacher.

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