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Review: Choose Your Shot - Christina D'Abo

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Review: Choose Your Own Shot - Book#5 Long Shots - Christina D'Abo - August 2013

When you were a kid growing up, did you ever pick up the books "Choose Your Own Adventures" by R.M Montgomery ? The books where you read a page and then at the bottom of it , it gave you two or three options of what you could do next and then it would tell you to go to a certain page number and so forth. Then once you had finished that story, would you go back and try it again but this time around picking different adventures. I know I did. The thing though was as I got older, there wasn't the demand meet for those Choose Your Own Adventures and so those who had passed the children's sections, just had to stand up and brush themselves down and move onto "chapter books". But do not fear, as alas for all those women and men if you like reading erotica fiction - author Christina D'Abo has brought readers into the world of a Choose Your Own Adventure - BDSM style . 
Writing this review was quite difficult as it's like how do you explain a story that someone else might go a totally different way and choose different options to you. That there is the enjoyment of the experience of reading Choose Your Own Shot is that not one person will read the same story and if you get bored one day and need a book to read, you can always pick up the Choose Your Own Shot and wander down a different path.
In Choose Your Own Shot , you are a character named Tegan who has been invited to the opening of a new BDSM Club.  Tegan who enjoys being both a Dominant and a Submissive wants to have a little fun, so readers the first challenge is to decide do you want to be a Dom or a Sub ? 
In the Club, Tegan will meet a number of different people from the drop-dead gorgeous and hunky Master Grant whose always up for a bit of heated fun with Tegan , we have the sexy and luscious Eli who wants to take his friendship with Tegan to a whole new level and like Tegan he is a switch so they can have a lot of fun playing both roles to Adam - he's not the type of guy who normally frequents these sorts of clubs but there's something about Adam that makes Tegan want more of him.
So what are you waiting for readers ? You can now with Christine D'Abo's Choose Your Own Shot make your own BDSM fortress in your mind in the comfort of your very own room and reading pleasures.


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