Saturday, March 29, 2014

VBT# Taming Romeo - Rachelle Ayala


Review: Taming Romeo - Rachelle Ayala - March 2014

Romeo, Romeo where art thou Romeo ? For the past five years Romeo has been on his way up to stardom and Evie has been busy studying to become a Doctor and in between that dating fellow med school student Eric. Now Evie and Eric have broken up, her schoolwork suffering as she has found herself temporarily living back home and working at her family's restaurant. Evie is starting to re-look at her life when Romeo waltzes back home, he and Evie were boyfriend/girlfriend five years ago and were ready on the night of their prom to elope until Evie stood him up and she left without a goodbye. Now Romeo is back and the hottest thing on the scene and is currently filming a movie in his hometown. Sparks and passion will be re-ignited between Evie and Romeo but both families have other ideas as Romeo is being set up with Evie's younger sister Genie. Will Evie finally get her second chance at happiness and true love with Romeo and his motorbike Juliet or will family stand in the way again ?
Find out in this urban fiction read "Taming Romeo" and a heads up - this book is Fillipino set, so cover Fillipino culture and some of their language and sayings.


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  1. Hi Paula, thanks for your review of Taming Romeo. I'm glad you enjoyed Romeo and Evie's story.


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