Wednesday, May 21, 2014

VBT# Catching Cameron - Julie Brannagh


Review: Catching Cameron - Book #3 Love and Football Series - Julie Brannagh - May 2014

First off readers, this is a series where each book can be read as a stand-alone novel , so if you have yet to read the previous two books - relax as it's alright, you won't be confused about Catching Cameron. Catching Cameron focuses on two main characters News reporter Cameron Ondine and NRL Footballer Zach Anderson. For the past ten years, Cameron has always wondered why did Zach leave her three nights after their marriage and never see her again or contact her. It is the relationship that she never got over and now ten years later , Zach Anderson is a rising football star and Cameron is a sports news reporter and she has been tasked with the job of interviewing Zach. Cameron tries very hard to keep calm during the interview but it backfires as personal feelings come steaming up to the surface , the awful interview goes viral and it seems her boss has a plan up his sleeve to fix it - Cameron must spend the month with the Seattle Sharks during their training camp which means Cameron and Zach will be under the same roof for a whole month. Will the pair as they discuss what went wrong be able to repair their friendship and in the moment, maybe spark up the relationship that led to marriage ? Has fate given Cameron and Zach another chance at a happily ever after after it was stolen from them , the first time around ?
Find out in Love and Football starring Cameron Ondine and Zach Anderson in the titled book "Catching Cameron" by Julie Brannagh.


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