VBT# Break my Bones - Shawn McGuire

Review: Break My Bones - Book #2 The Wish Makers - Shawn McGuire - September 2014

All Crissy wants is a new life and one that will have her not turn out like her mother or her sister Vanessa. Her mother is a drunk who brings random guys home and is a druggie/alcoholic and her sister Vanessa is the same and has a kid to who knows who the father is. Crissy thought she had met the guy of her dreams - Brad but it turns out he is just like her mother's and sisters types of guys. He is controlling and abusive and physically abuses Crissy. With her best friend off to University , Crissy is not sure how much she can take before the relationship will actually kill her. So one night, she makes a wish or two on a shooting star, little does Crissy know that someone out there is a Wish Maker and it is her job to help Crissy grant her wish, but its not going to be an easy task. Is Crissy prepared to put in the hard yards and stand up for herself and help Desiree - her wish maker grant her wish or will Crissy find herself sliding back into her old ways and the wish gets put on the maybe later pile ? If Crissy does stand up to Brad , what will the consequences be ? Is she able to stand up to him and come out alive or will Brad show Crissy that nobody leaves him EVER.
This book reminded me a bit of the movie/book by Nicholas Sparks "Safe Haven".



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