Thursday, April 14, 2016

Review: Dark and Twisted Games - Heidi Acosta

Dark & Twisted Games (Hearts of Faeylon, #1)

Review: Dark and Twisted Games - Book #1 Heart of Faelylon Series - Heidi Acosta - April 2016

Growing up life for Eden has been difficult as living in a small town, she has been called a freak due to her aunt's condition and the fact her parents are dead and then even her Grandmother has shunned her.  The only person she can really count on and who makes her life bearable for the fact that she hangs around with Eden is Liv who is the complete opposite of her - Miss Popular, Cheerleader and Beautiful. Compared to Liv, Eden is your plain jane type of girl. That is until she catches the interest of not only one guy but two - the two new Foster kids Cardelian and Jaxon. Cardelian is Mr. Popular and Jaxon is the Social Outcast but it seems that Cardelian is making an effort to get to know Eden and he is the one all the girls are crushing after but it's Jaxon whom Eden wants to know and he is the one warning her to stay away but she can't. As the book goes on we learn more about Eden's Aunt Essie's past and her condition and what could have caused it to being opened to a dangerous new world and fingers crossed that Eden doesn't suffer the same fate as her Aunt or worse as it seems she has landed right in the middle of a Dark and Twisted Game and the only choices are to survive or be killed and Survival is the harder option of course. Can Eden survive the ordeal and come out unscathed or will she suffer the same fate as her Aunt or those before her who have unwillingly landed the role as a pawn in the game of "life and death".Dark and Twisted Games was a fast-paced read , but the only thing that I had hoped for besides the whole Cardelian, Jaxon and Eden storyline was the possible Buck and Eden storyline as he taunted her and then near the end he was sort of nice and I was hoping that maybe we could discover the true reason why he taunts Eden so much .
 If you love Teen Supernatural stories with a Suspense Element with a touch of edginess then check out Heidi Acosta's new release of Dark and Twisted Games.

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