Thursday, February 1, 2018

VBT# A Royal Affair - Amy Saunders

A Royal Affair (Royal Ties Book One)

Review: A Royal Affair - Book #1 Royal Ties - Amy Saunders - November 2017

As soon as I saw the word Royal, I knew it would be a book that I was attracted too. Royalty is one of my favorite tropes. The thing though that I found with A Royal Affair was that it wasn't a favorite of mine and I wonder if I am more partial to the more traditional Cinderella style of Prince falling in love with a commoner than a gender reversal of Princess and Commoner.  Either that or I just couldn't connect as much as I hoped with the character of Desi. Desi is the Princess and heir to the throne of Lorencia; the kingdom is a female-run kingdom with Desi living with her mother - the Queen and her Grandmother - Mum's Mum. Astin has come to Lorencia hoping to build a bigger Gold Hotel Empire as he has taken over the reins of his father's business. A year ago Desi and Astin spent a night together and then it was over in a flash, but as we are about to learn, the pair still has feelings for one another. Desi though is cautious as she is torn between Astin loving her or the niggle that he is using her for her position and role she plays in getting the Gold Hotel proposal passed. Can Astin prove that he loves her? What will happen though when somebody drugs Desi at Astin's club? Is someone trying to sabotage both Desi and paint Astin as the bad guy? Can the pair get pass everything and the obstacles are thrown in their way and Astin prove that he wants an HEA with Desi and that his feelings are true and genuine? 
Find out in A Royal Affair - Book #1 Royal Ties series by Amy Saunders.

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