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Review: Arranged Wedding Fears - Roxanne Amour

Arranged Wedding Fears  

Review: Arranged Wedding Fears - Roxanne Amour- February 2017
This book starts off with two girls needing to escape their lives and they meet randomly on the train and take each other's places. Grace is set to inherit her fortune when she hits 21 years old but her guardian wants to make sure he marries her and takes the money whereas Lily's ex-boyfriend is bad news and she needs to disappear and lay low. The pair switch places to help one another out and this is how Grace ends up working for the Alexander family as a companion and carer to their son's fiancee Charlotte who was in an accident that her fiance Noah blames himself for. The pair are busy planning their wedding, but as soon as Noah meets Grace under the pseudonym of Lily, he finally realizes the saying of love at first sight as there is something about her that he is drawn too. Grace knowing he is getting married tries her hardest to stay away but she too finds herself drawn to him. When Charlotte discovers her wedding is in jeopardy, she blackmails Grace as Charlotte has found out Grace's real identity. However, we learn that Charlotte has a dark secret too and her plan of blackmail may very well backfire. This book I found had a strong sense of Karma and the theme of What Goes Around, Comes Around. The only thing I had trouble with this book was narrowing down the time setting as in parts I thought it was historical whereas others felt more contemporary. Arranged Wedding Fears was also a very quick romance read.

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