Saturday, August 10, 2019

Review: Now Presenting - I'm No Princess ( Part #1) - Elizabeth Stevens

Now Presenting (I'm No Princess #1)

Review: Now Presenting : I'm No Princess - Part #1 - Elizabeth Stevens - December 2018

If you love books like The Princess Diaries and movies like What a Girl Wants, all those ones where the female discovers she is a princess or has to learn what life like a royal member of the country is like, then you will love Elizabeth Stevens series. In Now Presenting, we start in Australia with Tatiana who is living with her mother and now that she has finished high school and is turning eighteen, it is time for her to head to where her Dad lives. He happens to be a Duke of a small European country called Gallyr. Now Tatiana must learn as her older sister has done to become part of the royal family and be presented as Lady Tatiana. The thing is though that there is nothing ladylike or royal about Tatiana. She is clumsy, accident-prone and prefers casual jeans and a T-shirt over dresses and she doesn't have a filter on her mouth and more so not a pushover. Life for the palace and the princes is about to get more interesting as they won't know what has hit them with the whirlwind that is Tatiana. When Tatiana arrives at Gallyr, she is met with disdain by the younger prince and it looks throughout the book that they bring out the worst of each other. What will happen though when it looks just as the Prince is starting to show feelings for Tatiana, he discovers he has a few other guys to compete with for her heart? Can Tatiana learn the royal way of being a Lady of Gallyr by the end of the book? 
I am now looking forward to reading the rest of the books in this series by Elizabeth Stevens.

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