Thursday, August 8, 2019

Review: To Ensnare A Spider - Cleo Fox

To Ensnare a Spider: A Contemporary Revenge Reverse Harem (Woodside Academy Book 1)

Review: To Ensnare a Spider - Book #1 Woodside Academy Series - Cleo Fox - June 2019

Lately, I have been on a reading binge of the latest trope which is YA rich academies bully romance with an RH feel to it. I am loving it for now as this has always been a trope I have enjoyed. To Ensnare a Spider by Cleo Fox was one with a different twist to the book. Unlike the majority of books in this genre where the guys are bullies to the female, this is a gender reversal. Chanel is Queen of the school along with her boyfriend Jason who is a grade-A jerk. He likes to pick on the geeks of the school which include Rhett and his friends. During this book, we get a glimpse into Chanel's life and discover that it is far from perfect and in fact, she isn't exactly living and hasn't been happy ever since her father died. Of course, when she is at school or in public, she puts on this mask of a Queen B. When she learns she is needing help in a few subjects, she signs up for a tutor using a new app she has found. It turns out that the tutors are none other than Rhett and his friends. They see this as an opportunity to gain some dirt on Chanel and Jason and expose them to the school and humiliate them, so Sai gets access to Chanel's phone and Zeke clones it. Later the boys are out at an amusement park and run into Chanel who doesn't look like her usual put-together self and discover that underneath the facade, she is a really nice person. That day, Chanel has the best time of her life and is the happiest she has been in a long time as with the guys she could be her "true self". However, happiness doesn't stay for long as Chanel is getting stalkerish texts. The boys discover this and try and save Chanel before it's too late. This is where the OMG comes in as I did not see the mystery twist aspect coming into the story and it was out of the blue. It also meant that this book ended on a major cliffhanger which now I cannot wait to read Book #2 and I am wondering if it has something to do with her Dad's death those many moons ago. To Ensnare a Spider was a different take on the Reverse Harem Bullymance storyline.

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