Friday, June 8, 2012

Review: Her Restless Heart - Barbara Cameron

Looking for a new Amish novel ? Did you enjoy Barbara Cameron's A Time to ... Series ?
Get ready for her latest book "Her Restless Heart".
Review: Her Restless Heart - Book #1 Stitches in Time Series - Barbara Cameron - April 2012
Growing up in the Amish faith for many holds an easy future, one that many accept gracefully and happy. To be raised in the Amish world , work and then be married to a fellow Amish and attend faithfully the church and follow their ways of life. However, not all are convinced that this  is the right way and are often swayed by the views and opinions of those living the worldly life in what the Amish call the "Englischer" way. 
One thing that is quite common in many Amish novels is that the main character is swayed by decisions that need to be made and will feel torn between the two worlds. What makes the great ones stand out though is the author's writing style and whether they are able to capture the author in a way that other Amish fiction and similar stories may have failed.
One of my favourite Amish fiction writers is Barbara Cameron as her stories are easy to read and they are set at a pace that keeps the reader entertained and contain characters that are easy to relate to,
Her Restless Heart focuses on Mary-Katherine , she is stuck in a rut and in what way of life to choose - does she continue to follow the Amish way of life or as the tourists come in each week from the Englischer world , does her heart belong with them.
Mary-Katherine, unlike all the other girls too does not yet want to date but she can't get away from the commitments as local Amish follower Jacob has his sights set on Mary-Katherine and will do everything he can to get her to be his one true love. When a surprise visit from an old family and school friend Daniel - a now turned Englischer turns up in Lancaster County, Mary Katherine can't help but be drawn to him. As the story goes on we read as Mary-Katherine's heart becomes torn further apart, till the time comes when she needs to make a decision. Will Mary Katherine follow her Restless heart and be with Daniel in the Englischer world or will she realise that her heart is at home with Jacob in Lancaster County following the Amish way of life ?

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