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Review:Love Finds You In Miracle, Kentucky - Andrea Boeshaar

As I continue through my list of Love Finds You Books , this brings my 3rd in the Series as I fell in love with Love Finds You in Martha's Vineyard and then I read Love Finds you in Lonesome Prairie. 
What I love about the books is that they are a mixture of Contemporary and Historical as Martha's Vineyard was a Contemp , Lonesome Prairie was a Historical and now Miracle is a Contemp.
Review: Love Finds you in Miracle, Kentucky - Love Finds You Series - October 2008
From the very first Love Finds You book I read , I fell instantly in love with the series as it does  do as the series suggests Love does find you wherever you are when you read the books , if not romantic love then it's the love of the characters , the love of finding a series that you really enjoy and don't want to put down , a love of finding a new author to explore or a love of reuniting you with a favourite author or simply a love of the book that when you read it - you go wow and you feel relaxed, happy , peaceful and ecstatic at the same time.
Love Finds You in Miracle, Kentucky is the 3rd book in the Love Finds You Series I have read and like the previous two I simply LOVED it. Set in a contemporary time, we meet Meggie Jorgenson - she has been living in a dead-end relationship with poet boyfriend Dillon , a guy with his Master's degree. She is feeling like she cannot escape, when help comes in the form of a phone call from her Grandma with the opportunity of a new job doing what she loves - teaching children at the local school. Meggie, needing to escape accepts the job and the story begins with her new  life in Miracle, Kentucky. Meggie, has always felt starved of receiving family love and affection so when her Grandma opens up her house and arms wide, Meggie starts to feel peace and more love in the short time than she has ever had in her 26yrs of life. 
Meggie is soon introduced around the town and captures the attention of wheelchair bound Cammy whose 8yrs old and her father Vance. Though it's not just Vance that has his eyes set on Meggie and vice versa.  
When Meggie's grandma invites her father and his new family over , Meggie is prepared for unhappiness but is it time to start fresh and embrace the family she has always had.
When trouble strikes and Meggie's mum Tricia ends up in Miracle begging her to go with her to Arizona. Will Meggie jump at the chance to escape the small-town of Miracle or has the town done just that -played a Miracle and changed Meggie's life for the better ?
Another wonderful installment of the series and I say, if you ever get a chance to read the entire series or even just one or two books in the Love Finds You Series, you will not be disappointed.

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  1. Thank you for the review, Paula. I'm so glad you enjoyed my book. :)


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