Monday, June 18, 2012

Review: The Squad: Perfect Cover - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Do you love Spy Girl novels ? Have a fantasy of becoming a Spy Girl ? Have you watched the movie DEBS ?
Get ready for Jennifer Lynn Barnes series "The Squad".
Review: The Squad: Perfect Cover - Book #1 The Squad Series - Jennifer Lynn Barnes - February 2008
A few months ago, I discovered The Squad series from Jennifer Lynn Barnes and I read the 2nd Book and enjoyed it as I love spy novels like this as it reminds me of one of my all-time favourite shows "Veronica Mars" mixed with a bit of the movie "DEBS". 
In The Squad , we meet Toby Klein who has just enrolled as a transfer at Baysview High School and loves to be invisible but that won't last for long as somebody or should I say a group of people know who she really is and wants her skills. We discover that the Cheerleading Squad known as The God or The Bod Squad are in fact undercover spies -helping the "Big Guys" which remind me a bit of Charlie's Angels solve local and international crimes. If one had asked Toby if she had ever thought about being a spy or a cheerleader , she would have laughed at you now reality has set in and Toby must learn not only the world of spies which will put her computer hacking skills into hands-on but she must also learn the way of the Cheerleader - which includes dressing like one ,acting like one and of course the four F's - Flirting, Fitness, Fashion and Fun.
A fun novel for all those girls out there that aspire to be cheerleaders or spies.

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