Monday, June 18, 2012

Review: Nordic Fairies - Saga Berg

Looking for a novella about fairies ? Wanting a quick read ?
Nordic Fairies (Nordic Fairies, #1)
Review: Nordic Fairies - Book #1 Nordic Fairies Series - Saga Berg -January 2012
Wanting a faerie tale ? In the mood for a short story ? 
Check out Book#1 in the Nordic Fairies series by Saga Berg. Set in New York, we meet Svala and Viggo , they are both Nordic Fairies and have been united with each other for hundreds of centuries, almost thousands as we discover that Svala is nearly 900 yrs old.  We learn that Svala and Viggo were once deeply in love and at fourteen became fairies , now in order to survive the pair must meet together for missions only - short periods of time that they can be together.  Is it a case of forbidden love or is it much more sinister and somebody is trying to keep the pair apart ? When Svala sees Viggo on TV as a big movie star and that his film is on Premiere , she decides to find out what is happening and what he has been up to these last few years. As he swans around with his new girlfriend Amanda , has he forgotten about Svala ? Or has the group they have been running from - The Dockalfar found Viggo and turned them to their dark ways as Svala and Viggo are light fairies - Liosalfar. What happens though when they realise that it may be somebody that is very close to them , that has betrayed their trust ? Who can they turn too then in order to survive their immortality ? 
For me, personally I found that Book #1 finished quite quickly and leaves the reader hanging and all like - what just happened, I guess the author does that so like me , the reader is in anticipation to find out what happens in Book #2.

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