Friday, June 22, 2012

Review: I , Michael Bennett - James Patterson

Do you enjoy James Patterson's novels ? On the hunt for his latest one to read ?
Check out the newest release in his NYPD series featuring "Michael Bennett".
Review: I, Michael Bennett = Book #5 Michael Bennett Series - James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge = July 2012
Is it just me or is there a part of us that whenever we think of cops, detectives, ex-military in novels we conjure up a hot, rugged looking man as the main lead ? 
In I , Michael Bennett , we welcome back the NYPD Cop and Father of Ten Kids -all adopted Mr. Michael Bennett , along with his nanny Mary Catherine and Michael's father and father of their Catholic church Seamus Bennett. This time , Michael and his team have been tracking the movements of a major drug lord known as "The Sun King". When a bust goes wrong and ends up with police and other law enforcements dead including Michael's best friend , Michael decides that it might be time to take advantage of his holiday leave and take the family down to Orange County for a vacation. Vacation in the Bennett's eyes though means Michael having to drive a bus which mad me smile as it reminded me of the movies Cheaper by the Dozen and Yours, Mine and Ours. However, being a cop means that vacations are cut short , especially when tragedy strikes and we learn that two of Michael's sons Brian and Eddie have been shot . It seems that the shootings were done by a local gang and with a little bit of digging and influence, Michael discovers that the shootings weren't random but in fact a targeted hit by "The Sun King".  What happens when it seems that " The Sun King" has found Michael and his family, can Michael protect them all 24/7 or will it lead to a walk into the Witness Protection Programme ?
Find out all this and more in "I , Michael Bennett" and readers due to the way that the book finished you will be holding your breath to read Book #6 in The Michael Bennett Series.

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