VBT# Manic - J.A Huss

Today's VBT# stop is Book #2 in the Rook and Ronin Series - "Manic".
Review: Manic - Book #2 Rook and Ronin - J.A Huss - August 2013

Rook and Ronin are still going strong after the "Tragic" Photo Shoot and now Rook has been offered "the" gig of a lifetime for 2.5 million dollars. A job to be body painted with matching motorcycles for STURGIS. There is a downside to this though as Rook's boyfriend Ronin has a long history with Spencer - the body painter and Ford-  the guy in charge of the contract. Can the job help Rook boost her confidence and help her gain the financial need she requires for her dream job at film school ?  Manic is one of those books that is a fast-paced novel and alot of the book contains the working relationship between Rook, Ronin, Spencer and Ford "on" the job and then the last few chapters, we discover more about Rook's past and her ex-abusive husband who has finally tracked her down and is not leaving without her. This last part has you on edge as it's a race for Rook and her friends lives as she is confronted by Jon - the ex-abusive husband.
Manic is a book that can be read as either part of the series which it belongs too or as an Individual stand-alone.


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