VBT# How to Say Goodbye - Amber Lin


Review: How to Say Goodbye - Amber Lin - April 2014

Amy has a secret, one that affects the way she interacts with others. She has never had any parental affection given her way. Her relationship with her mother is a check-in phone call and there is no love lost as her mother sent her to live with her uncle after her dad died. Now Amy has been given a great opportunity to intern at a fortune company doing spreadsheets and numbers - the only thing in the world that she actually understands. This is her life until one day walking home she meets Dane on the beach while he is building a sandcastle. Dane is a thief and a street urchin who floats from one place to another , though he too is hiding a dark secret - the secret of who he really is and his past and why he can't ever return back to it. Amy and Dane hit it off , but can they both really be happy with one another when they are both holding back secrets and lies ? Is it really just as easy to say goodbye as it is hello or will these two realise that no matter how many times they try to say Goodbye, that they really weren;t supposed too as destiny keeps chucking them in each others paths.


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