VBT# The Midnight Spell - Rhiannon Frater and Kody Boye


Review: The Midnight Spell - Rhiannon Frater and Kody Boye - February 2013

Growing up in a small country town can be difficult as everyone knows everyone and everyone has their cliques, even worse though is when you are different and viewed as an outcast. The outcasts then drift together and become friends, that is what happened with Christy and Adam. Christy is a witch who is still coming into her full-blown powers and is also in the closet to how powerful her witch skills actually are and Adam is gay. All Christy wants is for her and Adam to find their true loves, so she conjures up a true love spell. The next day gay hottie Mark Black turns up in town and a new girl Olivia who reminds me of a punk rocker and now Ian is starting to notice Christy, so it seems that the spell worked and things are looking up for them. However, happiness can only last for so long as tragedy and trouble is looming over their town when evil lands and threatens to ruin everything that Christy has created. Can she save her town from evil and also the ones she loves ?
Read in this teen fantasy about a battle of Love, Good and Evil in a Small Country Town.



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