Thursday, May 15, 2014

VBT# The Publicist Series - Christine George


Review: The Publicist - Book #1 Publicist Series - Christina George - November 2012

As a fan of the book world, I love reading books about Bloggers, Authors , PR etc as I could imagine myself one day in that world. That's why when I read that Christina George had released a book called "The Publicist" I wanted to read it as it sounded right up my alley and I loved it. In Book #1 we meet Kate aka Katherine Clark who is "The Publicist" , she works for a large but non-commercialised publishing company called MD. In this book it starts off with a bang as Kate is called to help with a jumper situation as one of her celeb authors is threatening to jump because Oprah cancelled her segment on the show. Kate talks her down but we will soon discover that this incident is just another day in Kate's world. In The Publicist we read as Kate makes connections with authors, pulls strings to save her friends - the newfound writers, try to get the books she likes and wants to promote but at the same time she gets lumbered with the ones that nobody wants. Also the romance side in The Publicist is that Kate falls for Mac's charms and soon they start a relationship but Mac is married and it seems that single guy Nick has captured her attention as well . Who will Kate choose, will she go simple or complicated ? 
Find out in "The Publicist" - the job that you take home with you and is always filled with challenges.



Review: Shelf Life - Book #2 The Publicist - Christina George - August 2013

Kate is back with Shelf Life and it seems that her shelf life as a publicist for MD is coming to an end as Book #2 will pack a lot of changes in her world from the start where we discover one of Kate's authors succumbing to the world of fake reviews on Amazon with false accounts. This made me laugh as I have seen this happen and a few months back it flared up again in forums across the internet. Unlike Book #1 , Shelf Life tends to take a stronger focus on the romance side and relationship between Kate and Mac as the two become closer yet at the same time, not really declaring themselves as of course Mac is still a married man. It also seems that this is the end of the publishing era for MD as rumours start flying, scandals appear and authors came crashing down. In Book #2 Kate gets a second chance with Nick and later we hear the chime of engagement bells but at the same time divorce bells chime so Kate is once again left in the same boat of which guy makes her happy or in this case which will make her "happier" ? 
For Fans of the Publishing world or those who want to see the behind-the-scenes with a taste of contemporary romance , will enjoy Christina George's series "The Publicist".


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