Friday, March 25, 2016

Review: Smoke and Fire - Part #1 - Donna Grant

After reading Chris Cannon's Dragon shifter series , I felt in the mood as I awaited the new book in the series - some more Dragon shifter tales and came across the Serial "Smoke and Fire". Part #1 introduces us to Kinsley and Ryder who three years ago were in a relationship and they loved each other - that was until Kinsley became a target of The Dark Ones and in order to save her Ryder had to change and become his Dragon side - the real him.  This instance caused Kinsey to run from the one she loved and now three years later they have ended up back together in the same place , though this time it is more dangerous as a War has been brewing and it is becoming harder for the Dragons to stay under the radar from humans and they wanted Kinsey there for a reason. With Kinsey back in the picture, can he continue to help his friends in the Dragon Society or will looking out and making sure Kinsey is safe and sound interfere with his priorities and weaken the Dragons teamwork especially since it is the Humans they are warring against not to mention the second strongest ex-communicated Dragon Kings of History.  I have to admit for a serial, I did expect this book to have a faster pace - but I struggled to get through it and am glad in a way that it is a serial as not sure I could have read the whole story if it was in one chunk rather than four little parts. In saying that though, it has got me peaked and I now will have to read the other three parts of the story.

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